Master's Scholarships in Switzerland and Belgium

The objective of this scholarship is to provide Bolivia with male and female professionals with a clear will to contribute to the country’s development, once they are trained abroad.

Candidates with a genuine desire to return and contribute to the development of Bolivia are invited to apply.

Once you have completed your Master’s degree, you will be required to work in the country for four years. This long-term relationship will allow you to develop studies, projects or internships for the benefit of our country and the Patiño Foundation. These actions will be defined during or after the Master’s program.


The fundamental objective is to provide Bolivia with professionals with a clear will to serve their country once they have been educated in prestigious Bolivian universities.


The candidate must demonstrate an excellent high school education, obvious intellectual aptitude and commitment.

This scholarship has been created for young high school graduates who demonstrate financial limitations to pay for undergraduate studies.


The scholarship includes health insurance benefits, personal spending money, university tuition and fees, and formal procedures for graduation.


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