Finance our projects and activities

The Patiño Foundation is constantly seeking funds to increase its impact. Legacy, small grants, large grants, per project or in general… all of these paths contribute to our work aimed at helping the Bolivian population and contributing to the country’s development. Contact us to participate in a reliable impact portfolio managed directly by the Simón I. Patiño Foundation. Patiño Foundation.

Education and culture, pediatric health and agroecology are important areas for the individual and collective development of the Bolivian population. For more than 90 years, our teams have been developing projects to facilitate Bolivians’ access to knowledge and the construction of a better life.

In this context, our partners have an essential role to play: public institutions, NGOs, international organizations, foundations, as well as companies and YOU are today undoubtedly key players in development, both in terms of their power of action and their concern for social and environmental responsibility. Financing us guarantees you concrete action for a greater impact on development in Latin America.

Entrusting a legacy

Trusting a legacy
The Patiño Foundation is the ideal partner to support one of the poorest countries in South America in key areas of development, as it has more than 65 years of experience helping new Bolivian generations. Legacies are accepted and all the necessary procedures are in place to guarantee the correct handling and destination of the funds with security and confidence. It should be noted that the Foundation finances its own activities and not those of a third party, and therefore has total control over the allocation of funds and their follow-up.

Support a project

Support a project
True to its pioneering mission and its values of innovation and boldness, the Patiño Foundation regularly launches pilot projects and innovative programs. Support these projects from the outset and help us help the Bolivian population.

Make a donation

Make a Donation
Did you discover the Patiño Foundation through one of your projects and want to help Bolivia? The Foundation accepts both small and large donations. And if you wish, you can choose a specific project and find out where your funds are going.