La Fundación Simón I. Patiño contribuye, a través de soluciones innovadoras, al desarrollo educativo de niños, jóvenes y profesores bolivianos.

In 1968, the foundation began its educational activities with the objective of contributing to the development of education in Bolivia, supporting the work of formal and non-formal education as well as promoting artistic activities and expressions of different cultures, both Bolivian and foreign.

As of the year 2021, the Foundation has grouped all its educational and cultural activities under the same active pillar at the Bolivian level. The core of educational activities is focused on children and adolescents, with teachers as the main lever of impact, with content structured around two main axes: the promotion of reading and the promotion of creativity based on new technologies and a multidisciplinary approach.

In the cultural field, the Foundation develops high quality programs (exhibitions, museums, concerts, conferences), ensuring that they have an educational dimension and a national scope.


teachers trained per year.
children trained per year.
parents participate in informative workshops each year.
cultural events held each year.
museum visits per year.

Our actions

The main activities of the Education and Culture pillar are all aimed at improving the educational system and promoting culture in Bolivia, the activities that stand out are:

Local teams accompanying the work of the foundation.

Espacio Patiño COCHABAMBA
Espacio Patiño SANTA CRUZ
Espacio Patiño LA PAZ
I really feel very happy because the teaching we have received from the Patiño Foundation has been excellent, since we have had both a theoretical and practical presentation and we have been able to observe, learn and practice. We are going to take this to our educational units. I am particularly very satisfied and I thank the Patiño Foundation.
Academia AID para Profesores