Más de 50 años aportando a la mejora de la salud pediátrica en Bolivia, brindando una atención de calidad con doctores especializados e impartiendo talleres de promoción de la salud.

In February 1967, the Patiño Foundation created the Albina R. de Patiño Pediatric Center in Cochabamba with the basic aim of providing medical care to children, one of the most vulnerable population groups due to marginalization and poverty. Since then, the foundation has grown steadily and has become the reference health center in its area. It is currently the only private hospital with pediatric specialization.

The Foundation has the Albina R. de Patiño Pediatric Center and the Albina R. de Patiño Center for Prevention and Health Promotion in Cochabamba; and the Albina R. de Patiño Child Nutrition Center in La Paz, El Alto. However, it has a national scope.

In the field of pediatric health, the Foundation pursues a twofold objective: on the one hand, the treatment of prevalent pediatric diseases, particularly those related to malnutrition. On the other hand, the impact on the pediatric care system on a national scale thanks to research and dissemination of best practices, as well as the training of medical students.


children served per year.
cases of child malnutrition treated per year.
vaccines administered per year.
students trained per year.
new research in pediatric medicine every year.
activities carried out each year to train parents on good housekeeping practices.

Our actions

Local teams accompanying the work of the foundation.

Centro de Nutrición Infantil Albina Patiño LA PAZ
Centro de Pediatría Albina Patiño COCHABAMBA
The Albina R. de Patiño Pediatric Center, with the support of the Patiño Foundation, for the last 54 years has made an important contribution to support the integral health of children not only in Cochabamba but also in the rest of the country, not only in the curative part but also in the component of disease prevention, rehabilitation and education of the families who attend the center.
Dr. Richard Soria, Head of Hospitalization Albina Patiño Pediatric Center.


Director Medico Centro de Pediatría Albina R. de Patiño.
Av. Oquendo entre Calama y Jordán
Cochabamba | Bolivia
Directora administrativa Centro de Pediatría Albina R. de Patiño
Av. Oquendo entre Calama y Jordan
Cochabamba | Bolivia