Dissemination of knowledge

The Foundation seeks to disseminate accessible and sustainable methods and techniques among producers to promote sustainable agriculture and product diversification in poor soils and under extreme climatic conditions.


people receive technical information from the Foundation each year.


New courses are offered to the public every year.

Sustainable and resilient agri-food systems

Different activities are carried out for the development and implementation of sustainable and resilient agri-food systems. The aim is to obtain high quality products, respecting the environment and the ecosystem, following a model of non-conventional agriculture.

Working with students

On the other hand, each year the Haciendas receive undergraduate and graduate students, thesis students, interns and others. All students rotate through the different activities of the centers, which allows them to learn about the management of the links in the value chain.



The model of the foundation is a scale model of what I really dream of achieving one day with my property...

There are things that seem very simple but in practice are difficult to achieve, for example the order, discipline, organization and teamwork that I have seen in the foundation has led me to plan my first planting of cassava, with the advice and support of the whole team I was able to buy my first cassava cuttings and we have already planted a hectare which is amazing for us, it has been a first step and we are all proud. We also have a project to put bees and plant chiquitano plants. All this obviously inspired and with the help of free and selfless advice from the staff of the Foundation. Every person I meet at the Foundation has a vocation of service that I have not seen elsewhere and it makes me proud as a Bolivian that there are institutions like this in the country. We will always be grateful for all the work they do.

Empendedora agropecuaria. Consumidora y participante en capacitaciones de Apicultura y lácteos.
Hacienda Patiño. Santa Cruz.