Volunteer Program

The Patiño Foundation’s Volunteer Program aims to connect people who want to make a difference and are willing to collaborate on specific projects that will have a positive impact on the Bolivian population.

We are currently seeking participants with diverse interests and experiences, for our projects in the areas of: Pediatric Health; Education and Culture; Agroecology.

Why volunteer with the Patiño Foundation in Bolivia?

  • By being part of the Patiño Foundation’s Volunteer Program, you will be able to generate a positive and direct impact on the development of Bolivia, contributing your skills, knowledge and especially your time and willingness.
  • You can make a difference in the lives of many! Volunteering is an important force for transformation: your actions today will have significant results in the future of our beneficiaries.
  • Your presence will expand our projects and help us generate a greater impact in our communities, reaching a larger number of people.
  • As a Patiño Volunteer, you will gain unforgettable life experiences. You will work with a great team that appreciates proactivity and initiative in activities that will stimulate you. In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet other international volunteers, and you will learn a lot about the fascinating Bolivian culture.
  • You will be able to broaden your experience and enhance your professional resume. Working at the Patiño Foundation will open many doors.

Open Calls

Convocatoria para Communication and social media manager

(Convocatoria en Inglés)

Convocatoria de Marketing and product designer

(Convocatoria en Inglés)

Convocatoria para experto en CRM

(Convocatoria en Inglés)

Convocatoria para Enfermero(a) pediátrico

(Convocatoria en Inglés)

Convocatoria para Doctor Pediátrico

(Convocatoria en Inglés)

Convocatoria para Educadores

(Convocatoria en Inglés)

Don't know which project to get involved in?

Choose the project that motivates you the most, the project in which you believe you can contribute your knowledge or experience, but also in which you can learn new skills.


Who can become a volunteer?

Anyone can get involved. In fact, volunteering is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, nationality, race, gender, physical, social or material condition and philosophical, religious or political opinion. However, this type of commitment requires investing one’s free time in the associative field. It is therefore important to think carefully about your availability and willingness to devote your time and energy to others.

How can I volunteer with the Foundation?

There is a standard selection process.

First you will have to send your CV, a motivational letter.

Afterwards, we will have an interview to get to know each other better.
In case you are selected, together with you and the project managers we will define the objectives and activities of your stay.

How long does the volunteer collaboration last?

The time you can donate to the Foundation.
However, we advise a minimum stay of 3 months, up to a season of 1 year.

What are the economic conditions?

The detailed economic conditions are agreed with the volunteer according to the project and the season.

In general, the Foundation covers the costs of lodging, food, internal transportation and migration visa costs.

For assignments longer than nine months, the Foundation provides a contribution for international flight costs.

Please note that all volunteers are required to have international health insurance.

In what areas of development are there projects for volunteers?

The Foundation’s projects focus on the areas of:

Pediatric Health; Education and Culture; Agroecology.
There are also projects that integrate the three areas together.

The Foundation's projects focus on the areas of: Pediatric Health; Education and Culture; Agroecology. There are also projects that integrate the three areas together.

The Foundation’s projects are developed throughout Bolivia, mainly but not limited to the cities of: Cochabamba, La Paz, Santa Cruz, Potosi and Coroico.

Can I do a volunteer season with my partner?

The Foundation accepts volunteers in pairs.

Do I need a Visa for the volunteer season?

If your stay is longer than 3 months, you will need a visa to stay in Bolivia. The Foundation covers the visa costs.


If you want to apply or learn more about the projects you can be part of, you can contact the Foundation.
Director de Cultura
Av. Potosí 1450 entre Buenos Aires y Portales
Cochabamba | Bolivia