Trusting a Legacy

The Patiño Foundation is the ideal partner to support one of the poorest countries in South America in key areas of development, as it has more than 65 years of experience helping the new Bolivian generations.

Legacies are accepted and all the necessary procedures are in place to guarantee the correct handling and destination of the funds with security and confidence.

It should be noted that the Foundation finances its own activities and not those of a third party, and therefore has total control over the allocation of funds and their follow-up.

What is a legacy or inheritance?

A bequest allows you to transmit by will all or part of your estate to an association or foundation recognized as of public utility, such as the Simón I. Patiño Foundation. Patiño Foundation. In this way, you can organize your estate during your lifetime, while protecting the part that belongs to your heirs.

Your bequest will only take effect after your death. Therefore, you remain free to modify or cancel your will at any time.

There are different legal forms of inheritance:

  • Universal bequest : You pass on all your assets. You designate one or more legatees who receive all your assets, minus the portion reserved for forced heirs.
  • The general bequest : You pass on a quantified part of your property (10%, half, one third…) or a category of property (all your real estate, all your works of art…).
  • The personal bequest : Transmits a specifically designated property, whatever its nature.
  • The bequest with charge : You designate the Foundation as universal legatee by directing it to pass on a specific bequest, net of fees and duties, to the legatee of your choice.

The Foundation will then pay the inheritance tax due. In this way, you reduce the inheritance expenses attributable to your loved one.

How to make a legacy?

You have to write a will. The most common forms are:

  • The holographic will.
    Its writing does not require the presence of a notary. The will must be written by its author on plain paper (not typed), dated (day, month and year) and signed. The chosen Foundation must be designated in it by its exact name, so that at the time of succession there is no ambiguity about its intentions.
  • The authentic will
    It must be dictated to two notaries or to a notary assisted by two witnesses. This formula is more protective of your rights because the date and content cannot be disputed.

For greater security, it is recommended to talk to your notary.

How will your legacy be used?

The Patiño Foundation is committed to respecting their wishes.

Overall, your bequest helps the Foundation to provide better care for children suffering from diseases such as malnutrition, to develop new techniques for teaching and learning to read, and to develop ecological and sustainable agriculture.

Through your bequest, you participate in funding local projects to benefit children and families in Bolivia.


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