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Spaces in Bolivia

Hacienda Patiño SANTA CRUZ
Hacienda Pairumani COCHABAMBA

Our victories

The model of the foundation is a scale model of what I really dream of achieving one day with my property...

There are things that seem very simple but in practice are difficult to achieve, for example the order, discipline, organization and teamwork that I have seen in the foundation has led me to plan my first planting of cassava, with the advice and support of the whole team I was...
Empendedora agropecuaria. Consumidora y participante en capacitaciones de Apicultura y lácteos.
Hacienda Patiño. Santa Cruz.

I would like to thank CEASIP for giving me the opportunity to do my thesis work at the center.

“In the experience I lived at Hacienda Patiño, I went through each of its areas where I was interested in the area of ‘dairy products’, focusing mainly on Yogurt. As a result of this, in 2016 I started with my family a legally established microenterprise and managed to register my...
Tesista "Caracterización morfométrica del Bovino Criollo" - Veterinario Zootecnista & propietario de MILAC.
Hacienda Patiño, Santa Cruz