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Centro de Nutrición Infantil Albina Patiño LA PAZ
Centro de Pediatría Albina Patiño COCHABAMBA

Nuestras victorias

I opted for my specialty training at this hospital because of its reputation and recognition for quality education and training.

Once here it was very pleasant to find that my expectations had been exceeded and that I was able to train and work in a very pleasant environment surrounded by quality professionals and human warmth. Today, after finishing my specialty, I feel confident of my training and I am proud...
Médico residente
Centro de Pediatría Albina Patiño.

It makes me proud to work here....

Working in this institution is a privilege, since it is a reference in the area of pediatric health, on a personal level it fills me with satisfaction to be part of this family since we have been working for so long and we consider ourselves a family; the fact of...
Jefa de Enfermería
Centro de Pediatría Albina Patiño

The Patiño Foundation as a contribution to society...

The Albina R. de Patiño Pediatric Center, with the support of the Patiño Foundation, has made an important contribution over the last 54 years in supporting the integral health of children not only in Cochabamba but also in the rest of the country; not only in the curative part but...
Responsable de Hospitalización
Centro de Pediatría Albina Patiño