Training of health professionals

One of the Foundation’s main objectives is to train future health professionals, which is why each year it works with around 400 students from different levels of training in the areas of medicine, nursing, social work, psychology, nutrition, physiotherapy and kinesiology, among others.


Interns trained each year.


Medical students on rotation pass through the hospital.


Residents complete their residency in pediatrics each year.

Importance of the practices...

Because the Albina R. de Patiño Pediatrics Center is the only private hospital specializing in pediatrics in Bolivia, it is very important for students to have access to internships, practicums or residencies in order to have access to highly qualified mentors who will help them learn in this area during their professional training.



I opted for my specialty training at this hospital because of its reputation and recognition for quality education and training.

Once here it was very pleasant to find that my expectations had been exceeded and that I was able to train and work in a very pleasant environment surrounded by quality professionals and human warmth. Today, after finishing my specialty, I feel confident of my training and I am proud to have been part of this family that in solidarity puts the best pediatric care within reach of Bolivian families and whoever for one reason or another comes to our land.

Médico residente
Centro de Pediatría Albina Patiño.